10 Beautiful Flower Nail Designs to Wear This Season

The gold leaf background elevates this manicure and creates a stunning contrast with the delicate and basic floral motifs done at each corner.

Gold Leaf

Whether you want florals on all ten fingers or combine them with another trend (such as the iconic French manicure), this black-and-white floral pairing is still one of our faves.

Black and White Floral

Nothing says spring like a rush of colors. The combination of magenta and deep orange creates a dramatic color scheme. Finish with bright white floral petals and abstract lines for a distinctive and colorful look.

Tropical Vacay

Nguyen believes that the milk bath nail is the ideal setting for blossoms to float on. With a creamy transparent base, your floral nail designs will seem extra dreamy—and we're all about romanticizing everything this spring.

Romantic Milk Bath

A nail sticker or press-on solution is always a good choice, especially if you're on a tight budget. We love KISS' Salon X-Tend Starter Kit, which includes everything you need for a spring manicure. 

Ombré Effect

If painting intricate petals is difficult on your own (and you're not alone; we feel the same way), these floral-inspired patterns may just alleviate that worry.

Flower Vine

For a more unusual look with daisy nails, try the half-moon shape. Nguyen creates a charming pattern by drawing half a daisy at the base of a nail against a barren background.

Daisy Half Moon

We enjoy combining two trends to see what magic can happen. This combination of the classic French manicure and little orange and white flowers creates a cheerful spring manicure that will put a smile on your face.

Sunny D

We adore the idea of sketching flowers around the edges of your nails while leaving the center plain. Gina Edwards, a celebrity nail artist, created a bright and exciting design that isn't over the top.

Flower Halo

This simple yet gorgeous floral design has the potential to rival some of our favorite porcelain dishes. To achieve the effect, Goldstein combines Chanel's Le Vernis in Rhythm with JINSoon's Nail Lacquer in Dew.

Fine China

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