10 Charmingly Rare Baby Girl Names You’ll Fall In Love With

1. Alianna

This name means "my God has answered," and your little girl will undoubtedly be the answer to all of your prayers.

2. Aislinn

Aislinn (ash-linn) is the Old Irish name for Aisling, which means "dream," and your darling girl is definitely a dream come true.

3.  Cordelia

This name can also be abbreviated as Delia. Cordelia, King Lear's daughter, was full of substance and charm, and her name means "daughter of the sea."


Cassian is a strong and prominent name with Roman origins. it is derived from the Latin call Cassius, meaning "hole" or "vain." whilst the meaning might sound less attractive, Cassian exudes an air of self assurance and distinctiveness.  


Ondine is a name that embodies the mystique of the water and the allure of the deep sea. It has roots in eu folklore, specially in French and German testimonies of water nymphs. Ondine way "little wave" or "water sprite," and it conjures photos of mermaids and spell binding aquatic beings.   


Leopold is a call of noble origins and regal beauty. it's far derived from the vintage high German call "Liutpold," this means that "people's formidable."   


Elowen is a call of enchanting splendor and herbal appeal. It hails from the Cornish language and method "elm tree." This call captures the essence of nature's beauty and tranquility, making it a really perfect choice for mother and father who admire the outside and the serenity of the herbal world.   


Calliope is a name that exudes creativity and proposal. In Greek mythology, Calliope was the inspiration of epic poetry and eloquence.   


Emrys is a call with an air of thriller and legend. It has Celtic and Welsh origins and is often related to the legendary wizard Merlin. The name manner "immortal" or "established," reflecting a sense of undying wisdom and strength.   


The name "Noe" is frequently used as a nickname for Noah. The name Noah has biblical origins, as it is related with the biblical figure Noah from the Old Testament. 

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