10 Fake Optical Illusion Photos

You've seen optical illusions—pictures that change when you squint or have two meanings. However, optical illusion photos are different. These real-life optical illusion photos need a second glance! Some even become viral online. 

These optical illusion photos will make you do a double-take

Or just crowded apartments from a different angle? This historic Hong Kong island residential building is a glass and concrete canyon with balconies and window-mounted AC units when viewed from the street. Enjoy the subtleties of this optical illusion photo without losing your balance.

Computer motherboard?

Geological magic? Utah's Mule Canyon's fiery sandstone cliffs glow in the morning sun above these Anasazi ruins. It's clear why visitors call the site House on Fire. We estimate these homes are over 800 years old. Look inside to see the area's human history: Roof smoke traces recall past evenings in.

Four alarm fire?

Or a strong, cold cause to turn your boat? To pose for this optical illusion photo, this magnificent blue Arctic ice broke off a glacier and drifted into the North Sea off England. Avoid icebergs since up to 90% of their mass is submerged. One of the greatest bergs was 12,000 square miles—larger than Belgium!

Blue clay?

An fantastic natural optical illusion on ours? Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring, America's largest hot spring, pumps approximately 200°F water from the soil at the crystal blue center and cools it to 131°F in reddish-brown rivulets at 370 feet wide. More light-reflecting bacteria grow in cooler water, creating a dazzling rainbow display Ferdinand Hayden called “a privilege and a blessing” to see.

Lava on another planet?

Or just a natural phenomena in Mauritius' super-clear water? This stunning optical illusion photo depicts sand being pushed off the Mascarene Plateau in the Ocean.

Underwater waterfall?

A coastal lake? Lake Sørvágsvatn in the Faroe Islands (between Iceland and Norway) looks to be hundreds of feet above the ocean in this optical illusion photo. Actually, the lake is barely 90 feet above sea level! The lake appears like an infinity pool over the North Sea when viewed from the right perspective. A waterfall plunges into the ocean at one end.

Penthouse pool?

Or creative mural? Initially, this individual appears to be traveling towards a skyscraper city. till you realize his destination is at night! This perspective trick is deceptive.

Road to nowhere?

Or just long? The Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, extends 985 feet into the water, but this optical illusion photo makes it appear endless. The 1950s-built pier was extended in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd. It now draws fishermen and tourists.  

Infinity pier?

Maybe two shoulder-to-shoulder zebras? Stripy friends blend into each other when side-by-side—except for the extra legs. Zebras are considered to have black coats with white stripes, not vice versa. The absence of melanin makes white fur white, while melanin gives black fur its color. Thus, zebras are black by default. These animals have black skin under their fur!

Two-headed zebra?

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