10 of the Finest Home Conditioning Routines for Newbies

One of the best beginner conditioning exercises is jumping jacks. The classic conditioning activity jumping jacks raises your heart rate and works your legs, arms, and core. 

1 . Jumping Jacks 

2 . Bodyweight Squats 

Basic bodyweight squats work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. They increase leg strength and endurance, making them ideal for novices.

3. Pushups (Modified) 

Exercises like pushups develop the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Modified pushups on the knees instead of the toes might help beginners improve strength.

4 . Planks 

The static plank works the abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Beginners need this exercise to build core strength and stability.

5 . Glute Bridges 

Glute bridges work the glutes, hamstrings, core, and lower back. Beginners can use them to strengthen the posterior chain and hip mobility.

6 . Bird Dogs 

This exercise is suitable for beginners because it targets the core, lower back, and glutes while also developing balance and coordination. Bird dogs are a great exercise.

7 . Standing Calf Raises 

Strong calf muscles are essential for stability and mobility, and standing calf raises are a simple yet effective workout.

8 . High Knees 

High knees work the core, legs, and heart. Beginners can increase coordination, agility, and endurance with them.

9 . Jump Rope (or Imaginary Rope) 

Jump rope is a great cardio workout that builds coordination, agility, and lower-body strength. Without a jump rope, beginners can start with an imaginary one.

10 . Inchworms 

The inchworm concludes our beginner conditioning exercise program. Inchworms improve flexibility and mobility while exercising the core, shoulders, and legs.

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