11 Spring Nail Trends to Try in 2024 That Are Not Basic

You've certainly heard of chrome nails and maybe even tried them, courtesy to Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and even BLACKPINK's Jennie. The look is getting a makeover for spring 2024.

1. Chrome Details

Who said your hands needed to match? Wearing various manicure patterns on each hand is trendy, and spring is the ideal time to experiment with as many colors as possible.

Asymmetrical Manicures

Cat eye nails provide a reflecting edge to your typical sparkles that changes depending on the light. We love a lively manicure! Lindsey Lohan chose a simple cat eye manicure for her movie launch, but there are ways to elevate the appearance. 

Cat Eye Nail

You've heard of normal gel nails; now prepare for 3D sculpting gel nails. Camila Cabello also donned a glittering set embellished with 3D seashells, which Bachik designed. 

3D Gel

The traditional French manicure is always a classic, but if you want to give it a springtime twist, go for a vibrant color. Simply replace the white tips with any color that you like.

 Pop of Color French Mani

Try creating an ombre French manicure like Vanessa Hudgens wore at the Oscars 2024 if you want to add a little flair to a timeless style without going too far beyond of your comfort zone. 

Ombre French Mani

The milk nail trend is here to stay, at least for a while. These transparent white hues offer any look an exquisite and sophisticated touch, as Zendaya demonstrated at the Oscars.

Milk Mani

This season's Barbie theme is pink. Perhaps it's the enduring love for Barbie, Zendaya's Dune 2 press tour, or Saweetie's Oscars night manicure, but baby pink manicures, in particular, are trending and on o

Baby Pink

If baby pink is not your style, don't worry. We're also seeing a lot of ruby reds this season, possibly inspired by Gucci's Rosso. For inspiration, check out Paloma Elsesser's 

Ruby Red

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