2024 Love Horoscope & Astrology Forecast For All Cancer Zodiac Signs

Mars' passage into Capricorn begins off the year by awakening all of your deepest amorous cravings. Mars represents ambition and energy, and Capricorn is all about love.

January 2024

Your romantic high continues into February when asteroid Ceres crosses into Capricorn, underlining not only partnerships but also a sense of unconditional love and family, as you may be considering having children

February 2024

As part of this new romantic chapter in your life, you've realized that your dreams must be as important as your lovers, therefore this month is about you rather than love.

March 2024

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn occurs in April, lighting up your romantic area and revealing what you need to release or close out to make way for the new.

April 2024

May brings a slower pace as Pluto enters retrograde in Aquarius and the asteroid Ceres enters Capricorn.

May 2024

One of the most noteworthy parts of this year are the back-to-back Capricorn Full Moons, the first of which happens this month and the second in July.

June 2024

After June, when you faced some challenges from your social circle in terms of new prospects or dealing with their perspectives on your life, you are more focused on what you truly value and require from love.

July 2024

As if things haven't been going well enough in your romantic life, asteroid Juno changes into Libra, the ruler of your house and family, implying that you might be moving in with your spouse. 

August 2024

Hopefully, as different feelings began to surface in August, you began to open yourself to your spouse because September marks the start of the last two months of Pluto.

September 2024

As October begins, the Libra Eclipse illuminates your house and family, bringing wonderful surprises into your life and connection.

October 2024

While there may be some hurdles or bolts of lightning as the skies exult, Pluto's dramatic and final shift into Aquarius for the following twenty years will be a welcome respite. 

November 2024

Capricorn Season may make you feel like things are moving too quickly. Although it will not be particularly difficult, it will be an opportunity for you to assess yourself. 

December 2024

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