3 Zodiac Signs Feel Incredibly Adventurous On March 22, 2024

It's not surprise that now that spring has here, we're all thinking about what we want to do next. It could be both what we expect of ourselves and what our friends expect of us.

There is a reality to the start of the Spring season, and a lot of it has to do with the concept of 'What's my plan for the season.'

This Friday, March 22, three zodiac signs will take this concept very seriously. In fact, if you are one of these signs, you may find yourself organizing your days.

We recall being trapped in during the pandemic and want to make the most of our leisure time now. The cosmos is cooperating with us on this day by placing Mars in Pisces, which promotes our adventurous spirit.

Whether we're climbing that mountain alone or sitting across a table with our romantic partner, one thing is certain: that spark of curiosity will be present, noticed, and acted upon. 

On March 22, Mars will be in Pisces, making you eager to get out there and accomplish that 'thing' you've been thinking about for what seems like years. 


Your middle name might be adventure, but it could make for an awkward-sounding moniker. Nonetheless, it does not deter you in real life, Scorpio, because you genuinely enjoy the concept of risking your life to have fun. 


Whether it's a sudden move or something you've planned for years, you'll notice it as Mars enters Pisces on Friday, March 22. It's time to get involved in something that will cost you money, time, and nerve.


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