3 Zodiac Signs Find Someone They Are Compatible With On March 23, 2024

Wouldn't it be good if all those dating apps and meetups actually produced someone who is truly compatible with you, rather than just someone looking for a quick night out with you and then leaving.

What's even better is that it's conceivable, and this Saturday brings us a transit that can bring people together - romantically — who are actually compatible with one another.

We're looking at the Moon's trine with Jupiter and Uranus, and how this transit combines the components of opportunity and uniqueness.

This is the first of many questions that will follow, but we must begin somewhere. On Saturday, three zodiac signs will see the thought that they will find someone who fits the bill.

We've always understood that we have our own set of laws, ideals, quirks, and greatnesses. We are all unique, and it might be difficult to find a loving companion that understands and appreciates us for who we are.

Leo, you're guilty of adoring everyone. While this appears to be a very charming feature, you've learned that just because you adore everyone you meet does not mean you're always compatible with them, and this typically gets you down.


Your reality leads you to believe that you are too distinctive a personality to meet someone who can match you. So you've made up your mind that you'll never find anybody 'that' suitable with you.


Above all, you want to like the person you're with, implying that you've seen other people enter into relationships with someone they don't necessarily 'like' but profess to love. 


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