4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The March 25 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra

The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th, 2024 will include components of Saturn's transit through Capricorn, as well as the last cardinal eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn from July 2018 to June 2020.

The time has come to restore your authority and control while also learning to go forward.

Saturn in Pisces will use these signs to learn how to adapt and develop better buildings. 

Meanwhile, the eclipse will instill confidence in all of these signs and educate them to be bold when taking the initiative.

During this passage, you may reflect on your previous relationships. This year's Libra full moon will seem extra special because it is part of a new cycle of eclipses in your sign.


The nodes in Aries and Libra will have a strong influence on your career, making it the highlight of this transit. You will be more comfortable embracing new directions and opportunities that may arise.


The subject will now be about accepting your independence while simultaneously laying a solid basis for new or existing partnerships.


When this eclipse occurs, it will feel like a sorrowful symphony, but Aries energy brings the themes of renewal, hope, and dreaming back.


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