5 Zodiac Signs With Good Horoscopes On March 22, 2024

It is both soft and poignant. That is the energy for everyone on Friday, March 22. It will encourage you to think before you act. And once you do, it will expect you to be confident and not sabotage yourself.

Of course, five zodiac signs will benefit the most from this influence: Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. The remaining zodiac signs can also benefit from this.

To begin, today's astrological transit is powerful. Following its time in Aquarius, Mars will formally travel to Pisces. So anticipate to feel more imaginative and elusively inventive as time passes.

Virgo, Friday's energy is significant for you. You can wake up and realize you're ready for a change and to end superfluous chapters in life. Allow your instinct to lead you. Whether you can see it or not, you are supported by cosmic forces.


If you've been thinking of launching a side hustle or investing in a business (solo or with friends), now is the time to do so. The energy is ideal for such movements.


Taurus, if you've been wanting to change banking partners or the bank you trust, now is the time. Trust your instincts, especially if you're getting a loan or looking to refinance a debt, but also read up on any relevant facts.


Gemini, Friday's energy is uplifting and positive for you. Your friends and close acquaintances will adore and support you. You'll also feel prepared to face the world, especially if you're starting something new or taking the initial steps toward realizing your aspirations.


Cancer, the energy on Friday is all about being proactive and aware of your surroundings. Stop going through the motions at work or at home and start living more thoughtfully. You'll suddenly know what you can do to boost your chances and shift the narrative.


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