Eclipse Season 2024:  zodiac signs that are expected to have a negative impact

This article will explain the detrimental influence of the Eclipse Season 2024 on these four sun signs  

Eclipses occur in pairs, and the period between the first and second eclipses is known as eclipse season.  

During this time, the moon's impact is eclipsed by the chaos that eclipse season forces us to confront.   

The first eclipse season of the year lasts from March 25 to April 8, 2024, beginning with a lunar eclipse in Libra and finishing with a total solar eclipse in Aries.   

This essay will explain why these four zodiac signs are expected to be the most affected during the Eclipse Season 2024.  

During eclipse season, Aries will encounter a significant challenge to their self-confidence, particularly in dealing with relationships.   

It's a time for Aries to exit harmful relationships and discover more about themselves.  

Some people may need time alone to regain self-love and acceptance. It is critical for Aries to thoroughly understand themselves before beginning new relationships or reconnecting with previous ones.   

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