Iowa's Caitlin Clark makes bold statement after early tournament victory

Caitlin Clark nearly had a triple-double as No. 1 Iowa defeated No. 16 Holy Cross in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament's Round of 64 on Saturday.

Clark, who scored 27 points in front of her home fans in Iowa City, issued a strong remark after the 91-65 victory. She believed that spectators were more interested about the women's competition than the men's.

"There's been like a lot of little moments, I think just the crowds at our games, but also just like the people screaming and like wanting our autographs," she added. 

"Like people just scream my name constantly, and I think that's something that really never gets old or something you never take for granted."

"I think also just in general like the excitement around this tournament like it's super cool like people are more excited about the women's side than men's side, and I think that's obviously something that's really never been the case before, and it's cool to see how it's evolved."

Clark emphasized her point by stating that when she began her freshman season, the women's tournament was not even allowed to call itself March Madness, which was designated for men.

The ratings at the end of each tournament will eventually reveal fans' opinions of the tournaments this season.

Clark has played a key role in women's basketball's popularity surge. Players to keep an eye out for include her, Paige Bueckers, Angel Reese, and JuJu Watkins.

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