Johnny Manziel names surprising quarterback as NFL's 'GOAT'

Johnny Manziel has introduced a new name to the GOAT discourse.

Many NFL fans have a short list of candidates, and it's safe to assume that most would vote for Tom Brady, considering his seven Super Bowl wins and other records.

Patrick Mahomes' three championships at the age of 28, paired with his innate skill, places him on the list, along with Joe Montana.

Those are the traditional three suspects in the conventional argument, but when asked about the finest quarterbacks of all time Wednesday, Manziel, who some consider the GOAT of college football, stepped completely out of the box. 

"The GOAT in my eyes is probably still, man, I have a different opinion, I love Michael Vick," he stated on the episode of "Run It Back."

Vick was the first quarterback to run for 1,000 yards in a single season, forever altering the game and the way the position was played.

"That was just the running style," Maziel remarked. "Mahomes is well on his way, but you gotta win six, seven Super Bowls to beat Brady."

Vick lived up to the anticipation after being taken first overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 NFL Draft, appearing in three Pro Bowls and finished second and fourth in MVP voting in his first six seasons.

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