Looking for information on how to reduce arm fat? It's not simple, but we have some tips for you.  

When most people think about shedding a few pounds or trimming body fat, they usually focus on the same areas: belly fat, thigh fat, excess buttock weight, or "love handles."  

This focus is understandable, given that these are all places where fat is known to collect and store.   

However, subcutaneous fat, which is visible and felt beneath the skin's surface, is not limited to these locations and can be found throughout the body.   

Fat can collect in unexpected places, including the arms, although this is not true for everyone.  

"Some people have more fat distributed in their arms than others," explains Dr. Shelby Johnson, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  

Arm fat, like fat on other parts of the body, can be "caused by a combination of many things," according to Austin "Ozzie" Gontang, a certified psychotherapist at Pacific   

Pearl of La Jolla and director of the San Diego Marathon Clinic. He claims that such characteristics can sometimes be attributed to differences in body composition or decreased skin flexibility caused by advancing age.  

"This can also make arm fat more noticeable," he points out.  

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