Selena Gomez has just debuted butter yellow nails for spring.

Selena Gomez demonstrated that lemon girl summer is right around the corner with her butter yellow manicure.

While Gomez has never shied away from wearing any hue of yellow, the particular shade she is wearing is totally on style. Butter yellow, a pastel shade between canary and beige, is popular right now.  

From the runway to the red carpet (see Aubrey Plaza's Loewe Emmys outfit, which resembled a Post-it) to Gomez's latest manicure, it's apparent that soft butter yellow is the year's defining color.

But does this imply that butter yellow will be the most popular manicure color this spring? If you ask Gomez's go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik, whose customers include Jennifer Lopez  

In fact, when Bachik shared a photo of Gomez's new nails on Instagram, he wrote it, "Trend alert: Butter yellows for spring." Duly noticed!

Buttery yellow trend Butter yellow is not only trendy right now, but it may also offer good luck—or at least some heightened vibes—when used in manifestation manicures.  

According to Sarah Potter, a tarot reader and psychic medium, yellow represents happiness and courage and has been shown to enhance optimism.

"Every color holds a vibrational energy that can enhance our intentions," Potter tells Glamour. "When we employ color intentionally, we can actualize our desires, alter our emotions, and change the energy.  

We all relate to color; we all know which hues we prefer and which we dislike. This is indicative of the energy we are working with and what we require to be balanced."

Looking at the gorgeous butter yellow on your hands can significantly improve your mood. So, manifestation or not, it sounds fantastic to me.

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