The 10 Most Popular Drinks at Macao Imperial Tea

Macao Imperial's creamy but tea-forward milk-tea base is complemented with a somewhat salty cheesecake swirl (cream cheese smeared around the inside of the cup) and chewiness from pearls.

Cheesecake and Pearl

Macao Imperial's Cream Cheese line differs from the Cheesecake line in that it is served as a separate topping rather than swirled around the cup.

Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea

For Me (P195) is For You's pinker, fruitier counterpart, serving strawberry milk in a similar reusable glass tumbler with a black-bear pattern. It's an excellent choice if you miss drinking strawberry milk as a child!

For You + For Me

Macao Imperial Tea's Mpresso range features ice-blended drinks, and if you prefer a roasty coffee flavor, try the Cappuccino Mpresso (P150/Alto, P170/Maior). It's creamy, coffee-flavored, and the perfect choice for a hot day.

Cappuccino Mpresso

Looking for a cold drink that's less thick and creamy and more effervescent and lively? Macao Imperial Tea also sells sodas, and the Over the Rainbow (P165), which has a gradient-like look and is flavored with blue curacao, lemon, and strawberry, is particularly Instagrammable.

Over the Rainbow

If you've ever tried chocolate cheesecake, you'll understand that cream cheese and chocolate are an unusual yet delicious combination. 

Cream Cheese Cocoa

 Try the Chestnut Cream, which is topped with crushed chestnuts, adding a delightful nuttiness. Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha (P155/Alto, P175/Maior) is served with an earthy and creamy matcha foundation.

Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha

Macao Imperial's White Mocha (P165/Alto, P185/Maior) does just that by blending their famous coffee frappe, white chocolate, and whipped cream for added richness. 

White Mocha

When a milk tea establishment gets its basics right, you know it's good. Macao Imperial Tea's Black Pearl Milk Tea (P110/Alto, P130/Maior)—their take on the classic milk tea + boba combo—ticks all the right boxes

Black Pearl Milk Tea

While plain Yakult is never a terrible idea, Macao Imperial amps up its naturally zesty flavor by combining it with lemons in the Lemon Yakult (P120/Alto, P140/Maior). This zingy drink can wake you up even on the drowsiest of days.

Bonus: Lemon Yakult

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