The Lemon Blueberry Cake that was Baked.

I'm going to the garden! And come back with lots of zucchini.  Then bake with it.  It's in my blood, people.  

This Lemon Blueberry Cake with heaps of beautiful Zucchini will become your new favorite treat! If you are looking for inspiration, don't miss my 50 Best Cake Recipes!  

This dessert is just fantastic. The combination of lemons and blueberries is classic, and adding zucchini (courgettes) is the best method to add moisture.  

I used entire fresh blueberries in the cake and a lot of lemon flavor and zest in the icing. I think you'll discover that this cake is simply exquisite.  

Try my Lemon Blueberry Sweet Rolls for more of this classic combination.  Some people question why I use zucchini in baking. First and foremost, zucchini is my favorite vegetable.   

It works wonderfully as a savory side dish or when combined into desserts. No, you won't be able to taste the zucchini when baking, but you will benefit from this moisture-rich veggie.  

The cake is moist!  Like, amazingly so.  I put my cake in the freezer immediately after baking since I wanted a lovely clean cut.  

However, I prefer eating it while it is still warm and the zucchini chunks are nestled among the exploding blueberries in a delicious way.  

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