we may expect to see a lot of Different shapes and patterns in 2024, such as these bold, brilliant swirl  nail patterns.

In a break from previous years, the unifying theme among 2024's biggest beauty and fashion trends is wearability.

For 2024, we'll be leaning toward ease and simplicity

This also applies to this year's most popular nail trends. 

 Think sleek finishes, minimalist nail art, shorter lengths, and sophisticated takes on classic designs like the French

Are you ready to try some yourself? Continue reading for our 2024 manicure trend predictions (provided of two top nail artists)

as well as all the details on how to recreate these looks at home or in the salon.

your nails with a thin paintbrush in whichever shade you like. Kandalec did a diversity of colors over the women' nails that complemented the collection.

"I love this because layering is so fun, and a lesson in color theory,"